Friday, February 26, 2010


On Tuesday, I was back to my one day during the week to watch my Darlin' Dylan ( isn't he going to hate that when he gets older ). Last week Dylan and his Dad drove to North Carolina to visit Chad's sister and her family. The week before, I wasn't needed because of the snow. I couldn't believe how much he had grown and how many new things he was doing. I guess that country song is right...Don't Blink!

Can't forget to add a photo of my first grandchild, Dre.


  1. Dylan and Dre are wonderful grandchildren. Do they share the same parents? It's amazing how different children, in the same family, can look from each other.

  2. Yep...same parents! It is amazing, isn't it?

  3. Dylan is precious!! I know he is the apple of your eye and I can see why. They do grow and change so quickly. And I love, love Dre! Dogs have a special place in my heart and your dog has especially tender eyes. Hope your Home and Garden Show goes well.

  4. He's adorable. I'll bet you love taking care of him. They are so cute at that age.
    That puppy is precious...such loving eyes.