Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Love Story

I'm a sucker for a Good Love Story...
It starts in the early1960's. I am one of of 3 children. I have a brother, John who is three years younger than I am and a sister, Jan who is six years younger. John had a friend Paul, who he met when they were both in Boy Scouts. Jan's best friend was Patsy, who lived in the house across the street from my parents home. I know Patsy and Paul's paths crossed from time to time over the years at that big old house. Our home was a hang out for my siblings friends. Time went by, all grew up. Jan and Pat have stayed close all these years...through marriages and children. John and Paul drifted apart, although they saw each other on occasion. Both Patsy and Paul had their marriages end several years ago. Early last year, Pat put and ad on Craig's List in the personals, looking for someone to maybe go out to dinner with, or a movie. She had a reply from someone who sounded nice, but she didn't want to go meet him alone, so she took two of her grown children with her to meet this fellow in a public place. How surprised she was to find out that she knew him, had known him years ago. was Paul.

They have being dating for almost a year now. I spoke with my Mother yesterday and she told me that Pat and Paul are engaged and are planning a spring wedding. So here's to hoping that the words to that old song are true...Love is lovelier, the second time around.

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