Tuesday, February 9, 2010

and here we go again...

Mickey and I are looking out the window and watching the news/weather reports and it doesn't look good. Even though the sun is shining brightly this morning...almost blinding, reflecting off the white stuff that covered us this weekend, the weather people are telling us that "it" is heading this way again. Doesn't look like there is any chance it will miss us. Two lows are going to converge right over top of us. There's talk of another 18 inches or more, starting this afternoon and not ending until tomorrow afternoon. It was 15 degrees overnight. Guess this winter has sorta changes the idea of global warming.

I need to get up to the shop and package some items that need to be taken to the Post Office today...we haven't seen our mailman since Friday.


  1. What, no mailman? I thought the mail was delivered no matter what the weather was. Isn't that what they advertise?

    I cannot begin to imagine what it's like where you are. I hope you're able to keep warm and keep your electricity.

  2. Your part of the country is certainly getting socked with snow. Stay safe ... and warm.

  3. Pat, I'm so glad you found me!! Looking through your blog I think we have much in common. And I have a camping buddy who lives in Maryland--North East, I think. She and I also keep in touch via Facebook and she has kept me posted on how awful the weather is in your part of the country. Oh my, I can't imagine all that snow! I like it for a little while but not that long; and more on the way. I should think the situation could get dangerous so stay safe and stay warm. BTW, love, absolutely love your art work. Till later,

  4. It has been a tough winter for many. We got a foot this week in Northern Illinois. I'm just tired of it by this time of the winter. I'm ready for Spring!

  5. This is just unbelievable...I'm ready for spring too.