Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What a difference a day makes...

It's raining here today and the high temperature is to be 57 degrees. For the past three days it's been a very warm 90+. The hot spell made my much loved lilac bush burst into bloom. Almost 25 years ago, my husband's Mother gave a small lilac to each of my two sister-in-laws and myself for Mother's Day. After all these years, mine is the only one to survive. It is probably close to 12 feet tall and is covered in blossoms this year. The wonderful fragrance has been coming through the open windows and I have memories of the wonderful woman who gifted me with a small bush. We miss you Yia Yia.


  1. Pat,

    Yep, what a difference a day makes. The lilac looks beautiful...I hacked mine back last year and we have only a few blooms this year. It may also have to get relocated as it's in the direct path of where I want to put my parking pad in the back...but first things first, the kitchen has to be know men can't multi-task!


  2. Oh how pretty! Nothing says spring like the scent of lilacs!

  3. Well Pat......Did Dee tell you how mine are beautiful all year round........ and if she tells anyone else my secret.... I'll have to kill her....LOL... But I bet your smell better then mine.
    They are lovely....It must mean you have a green thumb.