Monday, April 6, 2009

What a busy weekend!

We never seem to have things to do on the weekends but the last two weekends, both evenings, we had family parties to go to. This weekend we attended a celebration for my nephew Nicolaus. He received his PHD in Chemistry. I am just so proud of him. His wife gave him a surprise party at a neighbor bowling alley because he loves duckpin bowling. Can't believe this is the best photo I got...hoping one of my girls took a better one. Congratulations Nicolaus!!!!

On Sunday, Donna, my aunt who is actually more like my sister, was given a surprise party for a very special birthday. Can't post it here because she is a bit sensitive about this birthday. Photo is of the women in the family. Mothers...Daughters...Sisters. My Mom is the one in red and on either side of her are her sisters, Donna and Joan. They were born 10 years apart, so my Mom was 20 when Donna was born. My sister and her daughter weren't able to attend so I'm hoping to get another shot with all of us in it at another gathering. I am so blessed to have all these wonderful women in my life.

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  1. Pat,

    Good looking bunch of gals! I know you had a good time.