Monday, April 20, 2009

Lucy and Me

Every morning when my I roll out of bed and my feet hit the floor, so do Lucy's. She sleeps right in the middle, between DH and me. Although some mornings I do try to sneak out of the bedroom so I don't immediately have to let her out to make a trip around the yard to see what animals may have visited during the night. We then head to the kitchen to put on the coffee for me and the fill the food bowl for her. So when Kodak Gallery emailed to say I needed to spend x amount to keep my account active, I ordered a mug with my Lucy Girl's photo on it. I don't need this to remind me of her...she's snuggled up next to me as I write this post.


  1. Pat,

    What a pose! Such a cute picture.


  2. Our animals sure do become part of our lives don't they! Ours is Jack The Cat! He's a character. Kat S.

  3. Lucy is adorable! I would like that mug.