Friday, April 24, 2009

Towson Garden Days

I decided last week to see if the local Garden Club of Towson, still had any spaces available for their annual Garden Days. Dee of Icehouse Crafts had mentioned that it was coming up when I said I was looking for some small local shows to participate in this spring. I was able to get a space and and set up yesterday for "Towson Garden Days". It was a beautiful sunny day here, although somewhat breezy at times. My friend Shar, agreed to spend the day with me and we had a wonderful time talking and laughing. Shar sews and had some of her things in the booth with mine. Not lots of sales but a good time. I did have one of my favorite customers show up. "Mrs. Fisher" a wonderful teacher from Harford Hills Elementary, who is now retired. Gretchen taught my daughters many years ago. I will never forget how she got me to join her "Gunpowder Project" even though neither of my girls were involved with it. If I remember correctly, she had me standing knee high in the Gunpowder River, in March. Darn near frooze my toes off.

There were mostly vendors with flats of vegetable plants and all types of flowers. The booth next to us was a grower from Glenarm, Maryland and the only thing I purchased all day was from him. Two potted herb gardens for my daughters. Each contained parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. Makes you remember Simon and Garfunkle, don't you think? I took the photograph of the herb garden on the shelf of my porch. In it you can see some of the rocks my daughters have brought me back from their travels over the years. I mentioned years ago that I wanted to have rocks for the garden from wherever we traveled, like Lucille Ball did in the movie, The Long, Long Trailer. So when either of the girls goes on vacation or on a trip for work, I don't get a tee shirt, I get a rock.

Shar and I traded items. She choose Grandmother signs and I picked a tea towel with hydrangeas for my kitchen and an eyeglass case for my sunglasses. I also meant to get a couple of small teabag holders, made of beautiful fabrics, filled with 2 teabags, and sweetener packages, to carry in your purse. It is a trifold of fabic, with pockets inside and it ties closed with satin ribbon. Wonderful gift idea to have on hand. I have to remember to get those next time I see her.

All in all it was a wonderful day, being able to chat with Sharlee and make a few dollars too.


  1. Pat,

    I told you I would get you in trouble! LOL! I'm glad that you had a nice visit with Shar even if the sales weren't there. Towson Garden Days use to be a nice little local show that an artist could make more than a few bucks at, in the middle of the week. Such a shame that shows have gone so downhill.

    The tea towel is very pretty...looks almost like it was painted.

    What a sweet story to share about your girls bringing you rocks! Most Moms do get some little trinket from their family travels only to wind up eventually in the junk drawer or stuffed in the back of the very practical, those rocks for your garden.

    Tell Lou he was a sweetie for his defense of your honor too! What a hoot that story is! LOL!


  2. Sorry to hear the show didn't work out, but yet isn't it great you had some time to spend with a friend! They are the best days when you take the time to smell the flowers. LOL
    Love the towel, she must use vintage material to make them I suppose?
    I'm sure Dee has told you all about my gorgeous flowers I have. People from all around come to look at them. They can't understand how I keep them so nice. Now I'll let you take a guess on how?????? Let me know when you figure it out.

  3. Hello,
    Loved your story about your daughters and your rock collection. I too have interesting rocks from children and grandchildren.

  4. Sharon...don't tell me you're one of those plastic flower people who have colorful blooms even in the middle of a snowstorm.