Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Screaming and Throwing Things...

I was excited to get a new computer
for the Workshop. 
We were afraid the old one was
nearing death and certainly
couldn't take the chance that the end
would come during our
busiest time before the holidays.
 During the last week, Lou has been transferring
information from the old to the new.
I heard him muttering to himself...alot.

The router in the shop , which worked before it
was unplugged, didn't work when
it was plugged back in. New router purchased 

but the signal was so much stronger 
than the old one that it kept 
knocking me off the laptop in the house
because the laptop couldn't decide
which router it wanted to use,
the one in the house or the one in the shop.

 Many of the programs
we had were as old as the "old" machine and
will not work with Windows 10.


It is now set up, to be used.
But every time I go to do something,
there always seems to be a problem...
the printer won't print or I can't
access my emails. I can't find the fonts
I want to use in some new sign designs.
And everything looks different.
Everyday is a new experience
in frustration.
I, however, am not as calm as my husband.
I don't mutter softly under my breath.
If you happen hear something that
sounds like screaming or the
stomping of feet and aren't quite
sure where it's coming from...
It's probably me.


  1. oh no......Another blogger I follow is tearing her hair out with a new Windows 10 machine too.

  2. ;-)

    I know just what you mean!

  3. I give computer lessons but was still screaming and cursing when I set up my most recent computer. Arrrghhhhhh.
    I managed to lose all my photos as well which I didn't realize until I had wiped clean the old computer to give to a friend. Arrrrrggghhhhhh
    I saw the folders on the new computer and assumed the photos were in them. They were not. Arrrrrrgghhhhhh.
    I have learned how to use the new Windows 8 computer and am no longer screaming at it. It was quite a change from the old one and not the most user friendly. I have heard that Windows 10 is an improvement and just may take the free update.

  4. You people have me cowering in the corner. My comp needs a replacement AND it's a Windows 7 ... I never even experienced Win 8. I am terrified. Pat you have every bit of the sympathy I can muster up. I guess I best stick to my 7 and find a 10 to play on and not let them co-habit-ate ...

  5. I haven't uploaded Windows 10 because my phone won't be able to update my emails. However, if I don't update now while it's offered for free, then I'll end up paying for it someday. Decisions, decisions.