Sunday, August 30, 2015

Cheerios are now Gluten Free...

For one little boy with a gluten intolerance,
this is a happy day!
I always had a baggie filled with Cheerios
for my Darlin' D in my purse when
he was younger. 
He knew just where to look for
his treat when he saw me. 
When it was determined he was having
a problem with gluten, that had to stop.  
Cheers to Cheerios for coming up with a way to
make their products gluten free.



  1. A very smart business decision on Cheerios part. They have been a parent's mainstay for so many years. Way to keep up with the times.

  2. I always had a container of Cheerios in my purse when the kids were little. Yep, a good idea!

  3. Cheerios is the go-to snack for young children so it is great that is has now been made GF for those with this problem.

  4. That's good to know! I hadn't heard about this but think it's a smart move. cute photos too! Hugs, Diane