Sunday, September 6, 2015


Fall is coming
to my neighborhood.
Teeny, tiny acorns are
falling from the big oak tree
in the backyard.
Every time I walk from
the house to the Workshop
I need to pry them out
of my flip flops.


  1. LOL, I know exactly how that feels! Yes, fall is coming in quickly it seems. You'll be painting snowflakes before long.

  2. :)

    Love the poetry in this...and then the flip flops! Haha!

  3. Not to worry, the squirrels will be collecting them soon and your feet will be safe to roam.

  4. When you pry those acorns out, Pat, maybe you could put them in a nice little pile for the squirrels to come and pick up for winter storage. lol Today it feels like midsummer here- 90ish and HUMID. Waiting for Fall.....xo Diana