Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The One Who Came Before...

We have lived in our home for almost 40 years and
every spring since that first spring, 
I am excited to see beautiful colors popping open in our yard.

  I have added bulbs and plants and bushes over the years,
but I am always grateful to the gardener who came before.  

There are many double jonquils, some in shades of yellow
and orange and some that are yellow with white.

Azaleas in pink, white and lavender
as well as iris of deep purple.

Also planted by the one who came before are wood hyacinths. 
Pretty in shades of blues and white and smelling so sweet.
Now there are hundreds of these as they have multiplied 
over the past 4 decades

I do know that the people who we purchased the house
from were not the gardeners...
they didn't even take care of the house.  But there were two other
owners of the house before them. I am not sure who it was that liked
to play in the "dirt" but I am very thankful for
his/her garden efforts that are still going strong over forty years later.


  1. Hey, we've got snow on the ground here in Baltimore and you're talking about spring and gardening? Maybe a little wishful thinking on your part? LOL! I wish winter was over too and I wonder if the people who live in my previous house think the same thing as I planted tons of tulip bulbs all over along with daffodils.


  2. Wonderful images, Pat!
    Since I don't know how the climate is where you live, I need to ask whether the photos are recent or from the previous springs.
    We will have weeks (almost months) of winter ahead of us; your photos warm my heart! :)