Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snow Day at the Workshop...

 Glad I don't have to drive to work...
just climb up a snow covered hill to the shop.
Heading back to the house can be tricky if the hill gets icy.
But I can always sit down and slid on my behind if necessary.
(and I did have to do that one time)

 Lucy, the shaggy dog, loves the snow.
I gave her a bath last night so she's really fluffy.

And the white stuff  looks really pretty at night.
Best of all, the high will be 43 degrees tomorrow 
and the snow should be gone by sundown.


  1. It's pretty for a while... nice that it warms up though and melts!

  2. Hi Pat. Lucy does look impressed. She is lucky she has a nice warm coat.

  3. Looks like a great and pleasant place to work - with a helpful companion to supervise. :-)

  4. It sure looks pretty...but I hope that sun comes out and warms things up! Hugs!