Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Visit to DC

 The week between Christmas and the New Year, Lou and I took a little trip. 
We live so close to our nation's capital and yet have not visited
Washington DC since the daughters were young. 
When our friends, David and Ann, asked if we would like like
to take the train to DC and visit the United States Botanic Garden,
we quickly agreed.  Early on that Monday morning the four of us
boarded a train heading for Union Station. 
We were careful not to get on the "quiet car" as the four of us
are not known for whispering when we get together. 

 We arrived at Union Station a bit after 8 am,
grabbed coffee and egg sandwiches at  Johnny Rockets
and headed off to the Botanic Garden.

We walked past the Capitol Building on our way to the Garden . 
The Capitol Dome is covered with scaffolding and restoration
has begun on this piece of American history. 
You can get information on this project by visiting

 The Botanic Garden was still decorated for Christmas with 
lovely poinsettias in shades of pink, red and white. 

The four of us strolled through the desert...

 a garden of orchids...

and finally through the jungle.


More of our Washington visit in an upcoming post....


  1. Lovely trip, gorgeous building. Nice to see flowers this time of year and see lush green.

  2. I also live near Dc and have taken the train in numerous times to visit the museums.. But, I have never been to the US Botanic Gardens.. Lovely photos, the orchids are beautiful. I should plan a trip in the spring.. Have a happy weekend!

  3. beautiful garden! the scaffolding makes the dome rather artful!

    thanks for stopping by today!

  4. What a lovely tour. Funnily enough we were commenting on the Capitol dome the other day when it was in the background on the news. My daughter thought it had been pixilated rather than it being covered in scaffolding :-) Have a wonderful weekend xx

  5. What a beautiful trip and photos. I've been through but haven't spent time there...would love to go back! Enjoy your day sweet friend! Hugs!

  6. I loved my trip to DC and would love to go again. I took over 1000 photos. LOL! We only stayed a couple of days but I would love to have an entire week there. The gardens were so lovely and interesting.