Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No Blood Moon for Me...

Who was able to see the Blood Moon this morning?
Even though the sky was cloudy when I went to bed last night,
I had hoped that there might be a break in those clouds
and I would get a glimpse. I changed the settings on the camera
and set the alarm for a bit before 3am.
I was so disappointed...
it was a no go here in Maryland.



  1. Cloudy here too, disappointing... :(

  2. Pat, It was snowing when I looked. Bummer. Maybe the next go around . xoxo,Susie

  3. NO go here either, Pat! We had heavy clouds and snow-ugh- xo Diana

  4. I had a beautiful red moon in front of me when I went out to have a look in our part of the world. Sadly no pictures though- my camera isn't good enough. Sue

  5. Hey! I just noticed that you're in Maryland! That's my old stomping grounds, even though I haven't done any stomping there for a long time. My hubby and I are from Dundalk, (Baltimore county) and moved to the Atlanta area in '71. Whereabouts in Maryland are you?

  6. Well, darn. I thought that comment I just left was a P.S. kinda thing, because I'd just finished writing a rather lengthy comment and posting it. Thought I posted it anyhow. I reckon it got lost somewhere between here and there.

    Oh well. I'm not gonna try to rewrite that whole (absolutely brilliant, of course... Pulitzer prize material!) comment again. Let me just shorthand it, and say thanks for popping over to my blog and signing on as a new follower. Talk about a pleasant surprise... here I am, on a month-long break, and half a dozen new followers signed on in my absence. Go figure. Anyhow, it's my pleasure to return the favor. Count me in as your newest groupie. It's very nice to meet you.