Monday, April 21, 2014

Eggs and Bubbles and M&M Seeds

  We have Easter breakfast at our house...This works well as the
daughters and sons-by-love
always have several stops to make on holidays

 Lucy knew that something was up and waited and watched
for the family to arrive.

  Earlier in the week the grandchildren were here
 to plant spring colored M&M's.

  On Easter morning those M&M seeds
sprouted into marshmallows, lollipops and peeps.

 After breakfast the egg hunt began...


 The Bunny brought bubble blowers and after the gathering of the eggs,
the yard was filled with smiles and bubbles.

 We had a lovely Easter morning with the family.
(funny isn't it, that I only have grandbaby photos)

Hippity Hoppity


  1. Greeting, Pat,
    I enjoyed catching up with you on your blog... you have always had such cute ideas. Love your Chenille bunny and of course Lucy.

    I hope this finds you enjoying some fine spring weather.

    Have a marvelous Monday ~Natalie

  2. Boy, do you go all out for Easter! Cute ideas for the children... and I know you love doing it!

  3. Your grand babies are just the cutest little darlings! I love your seed idea, and those bunny masks are so adorable! xo

  4. What a fun morning. M&M seeds what a clever Grandma you are.

  5. Look at those sweet little ones on Easter. I just love it. You have some really cute ideas, here-I think I need some M&M seeds, too! xo Diana

  6. looks like a wonderful easter.

  7. Such sweet grandchildren you have. I love your idea of planting M&M seeds. My kids are much older, but I'm filing that away for the day I become a grandma.

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