Saturday, February 8, 2014

Choo Choo Toot Toot

 Trip to the Train Show with the Grands...Most of the Cow Palace at the Fairgrounds was set up with vendors tables filled with every imaginable item you could think of for model trains and train gardens.  However there were some wonderful train set ups for 
Children and Grandparents to enjoy. 

  A winter scene...very much like our weather outside...

  Lovely vintage locomotive...the passenger cars
  have people in the seats, taking a trip.

 Snack time...

Cinderella's Castle

 Mom Mom and Riah taking a break...

We have boxes of HO and N Gage trains with the towns, trees, cars and people.
I want to pull it all out and put up a display...
however I can't talk the Husband into building it on top of the pool table.


  1. Please use my old address..

  2. A lovely photo of you and Riah. This looks like a fun outing.