Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bath and a Haircut....

 This is what Lucy looked like earlier this week...
fuzzy wuzzy was a cocker spaniel.
With temps in the 60's today,
I figured it was the perfect day to give the girly a bath. 
She could air dry instead of sitting for an hour using the hair dryer.

I have always bathed and clipped her, but with both of us getting older,
neither one of us have a good time.

 But after much discussion, hugs and treats we survived another haircut. 
Looks like Baa Baa Black Sheep, but blonde.

 I am covered in as much  Lucy hair as Lucy...

She looks a little choppy but for the next few days I'll have scissors in hand
cutting off those long hairs I may have missed in this round.

And the bag full of Lucy locks will be dumped in the compost. 
It may be a bit early in the season, but the birds use the hair for their nests
and what they don't use will end up being turned into the compost
and added to the gardens in the spring.


  1. Lucy is beautiful! I trim our little wire hair doxie and I have to continually trim up what I missed the first time around! It's a back breaker to trim the dog!!!

  2. Wow! You did a great job!!! That is no easy task. Your baby looks gorgeous!!! xo Diana

  3. Really,trimming dog hair is a tedious task. You are a loving parent. He looks gorgeous now.

  4. She looks so much like my Maggie did. She's so pretty with her new do.
    Note new blog address: