Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Winter Garden Not Quite As Gray As It Appears

A lovely Sunday with temps in the 60's and
that gave me some time to work a bit in the yard.
Raked some leaves and pulled some weeds.
Spring may actually be coming this year.  

 Jonquils that were under leaves...Bright yellow green

 The first crocus to bloom in the front yard...
another couple of days and there should be
hundreds of these little beauties opening in shades
of purple, yellow and white.

 Lucy helped by sitting in every garden
where we cleared out the leaves...

 Wood hyacinths popping out of the soil...

 And moss is thriving on the stone wall...

 Buds on the azaleas...

 Wildlife waiting for us to go inside

so they could visit the bird feeders.

Color found in the Winter Garden...


  1. I love these warm days to get out and about and explore the gardens. Lucy is so cute "supervising" your weeding/cleaning!

  2. Oh- to have something blooming here!!! You lucky girl! Lucy is glad to be out and enjoying the Spring weather, I see! xo Diana

  3. looks like spring is coming in your neck of the woods. I can't wait for it to happen here but we have quite a wait. we have snow coming again on Wed.

  4. Lucy looks really glad. She must be enjoying the spring