Monday, January 20, 2014

Last of The Christmas "Togethers"


 Getting a late start this morning...had the final Christmas get together dinner here last night. 
So it's a 2 mug morning while I try to get myself ready to head to the shop. 

 Because the grandbabies were sick and contagious for Christmas and they were here at our house, we canceled the Christmas breakfast with my Mom, sister and her family and my brother and his wife.  Last night we finally got together for the last of the Christmas dinners and gift giving.

 The children loved their jammies and hats....


 I had planned on showing how I made zucchini lasagne and gluten free baked ziti for dinner and although I have photos of the preparations, I never took photos of the finished meal.  When this crew is ready to eat...they are ready to eat!  Both were delicious if I do say so myself and both were wheat free for the daughter and grandson.


  1. Our granddaughter who stayed with us over Christmas got sick too. We should've cancelled the festivities but we didn't. Apparently she "shared." Some of us got sick then two days later, which surely put a damper on our visit.

  2. Oh, my, such adorable pajamas! Glad you finally had your Christmas!

  3. Those kids are just adorable. Love the pjs and the hat. I am glad you finally are through with Christmas. I bet you are, too. xo Diana