Friday, January 31, 2014

Hand Prints from the Past

 Before the holidays, the compressor we use to spray the finish on our signs bit the dust.  There was a hole in the tank and Lou has been using a smaller compressor since that happened.  The large compressor was located in a shed that is attached to the shop, but the door to the shed was an outside door.  He decided as he needed to replace the compressor, he would cut a doorway inside to the shop to the shed. Many things (trash) he has held onto for years went flying out the door into the trailer for a trip to the dump.
But the best thing he found were the daughters' handprints and
names the girls put  in the concrete when their Dad poured floor.
Memories from 1990



  1. Isn't that dear? I love those things. xo Diana

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  3. I Love these kinda memories! Thanx for stopping by my blog, always nice to hear from you! Enjoy your day!