Saturday, January 18, 2014

I've been forced to be Smart

Two years ago, when Lou needed a new cell phone, we decided on a smart phone because we could plug a card reader into it for accepting credit cards at craft shows.  We could find out instantly (or almost instantly) if a purchase was approved or declined.  Not that we really had much problem with declined cards but it would streamline the process of taking credit cards for the business.  We had used the knuckle buster or card imprinter to capture the card information and when we returned home after a show, had to send that information for each sale to the company we use to process our cc sales.  It was time consuming and there was also the chance that the card would be denied.   So this has worked well for us. 
I continued to use my 3 year old flip phone.

Two weeks ago, Lou's phone started to "act up".  After 2 visits to the Verizon store,he figured the "smart" thing to do would be to get a new phone as he would get $100.00 back on his phone and he was due an upgraded.  New phone...a bit larger screen.  All is well.

Last week, my Mom called to say her phone, an 8 year old flip phone, wouldn't hold the charge any longer.  She went on our family plan years ago as it was much less expensive than it would have been to keep her own plan.  So off to the Verizon store we go.  I figured we could give my Mom my phone and I would take my upgrade.  I planned on a another flip phone.  Well, to get another flip phone, you need to order it online.  The daughters have both been telling me I should get a smart phone.  Lou has been telling me I should get a smartphone. The very nice saleslady at the phone store suggested last year's i-phone as I didn't really care about all the new bells and whistles. So I walked out with a white phone (the nice saleslady apologized that they only had white...I didn't know you  got to choose colors) and all the accessories that go with it.  Checking the receipt, because I was due 2 upgrades, my new smarter phone only cost $.99.  However all the accessories were a bit more costly. 

So now I need to learn how to be smart...I can turn it on...I've chosen a ringtone...I can answer a call and make a call.   I never used Lou's phone so this is new to me.  My Mom gets my old phone that she will be able to use as it the same type she has been using. I really worry if something happens to my old phone,
she will never be able to master the smart one (or won't want to)

The best part of getting smart is that I will also receive all the texts, photos and videos from the daughters that Lou always gets but sometimes forgets to show me.

One more little story.  My aunt was rushed to the hospital unexpectedly several months ago after a problem with a test she was having done. My uncle who decided that he didn't need a cell phone any longer after he retired discovered that he had no idea how to use my aunt's smart phone.They were suppose to be heading to their son's house after the test and family was starting to get worried as no one had heard from them.  It was several hours before he used the house phone at the hospital to contact the family. 
So it may be a good thing that I'm learning to be smart!


  1. Thanks for visiting me at Delights of the Heart.
    Now this delights me to read about your smart phones. I have debating this in my mind also. Recently I told my husband that eventually we needed to get smart phones. He doesn't even carry a flip phone. As we get older I can definitely see the need for a smart phone. Thanks for your words.

  2. I'm not "smart" yet. We both have flip phones. Nothing fancy on our phones. I dread the day that I have to change...I'm so comfortable using the one I have. They say change is good...we'll see.

  3. well I don't have a smart phone either but I am one step above a flip phone. mine slides so I can text. maybe some day I need to master the tablet we bought first.

  4. I was given a trac phone. I was asked why my phone wasn't on. I said I didn't have any calls to make. LOL. I now have my phone on and I guess I make what they call butt calls. I need a flip phone! Not sure who my butt calls.