Monday, August 12, 2013

What Happens in The Outhouse...

 I have sold 5 of these outhouse signs in the last week and shipped
3 of them to 3 different towns in Alaska

Wondering if those"outhouses" are as nice as the necessaries
at the homes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson

 Mount Vernon, Home of George and Martha Washington

Mount Vernon Octagonal Outhouse
Mount Vernon, VA

This privy is a 3 seater...  and has raised wood  panels.

 Thomas Jefferson's Personal Retreat Poplar Forest

Octagonal Privy at Poplar Forest
Forest, VA


 Not quite as nice as Mount Vernon on
the inside but still a 2 seater.

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  1. I saw a book one time which just had photos of outhouses from around the world. It was a fun read, but I wish I could remember the title.