Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lipstick Sage and Hummer Watch

Found this lovely red Lipstick Sage plant at a local nursery this spring.

  I have it in a large pot on the patio and it has been beautiful all summer long. 

It also has attracted hummingbirds to the yard...

I sat on the porch, camera in hand, and waited...
and was able to capture some photos of these busy little birds.

I am so enjoying the hummers visits.  I've had hummingbird feeders over the years
and all I attracted were ants.


  1. Oh- How very beautiful! We did not have a single hummer this year- I don't know why! I love them..and your lipstick plant is lovely- xo Diana

  2. Forgive me for my lackof comenting of late. I have had the usual spate of summer visitors !! How I wish my visitors were as nice as your beautiful humming birds LOL
    I would just love to live where I could see them buzz around.. Thank you for sharing xxx