Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Critters passing through...

I am always amazed at seeing the "wild" life in our residential yard.  We have a fox that trots through almost every evening.  Lou was working under his truck one evening and hears a noise, turns to see a ground hog rambling by.  
Also it's not unusual to see deer trotting down the road. 



Several of my favorite critters... the "wild" dogs.


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  1. Those "wild" dogs are just about the cutest ones I've ever seen! ;)...I have such a soft spot in my heart for opossums. I used to feed a little kitty that would wander into my yard (until I trapped him and now he's a much loved housecat!) and once in a while an opossum would come nibble on some of his food. That little guy was so cute as he tried to eat the food with his narrow snout snapping open and shut!...I adore all critters, well maybe not spiders, but I'd never hurt one unless it fell onto my head! Have a fun weekend! xo