Saturday, January 12, 2013

Is it true bad things happen in 3's? I hope the "bad things happen in 3's" is true. Yesterday afternoon I put a cup of water into the microwave to heat to make tea and the microwave started a groaning and then there was a burning smell. Quickly turned it off and unplugged it. Pulled out my Mickey Mouse enameled tea kettle...filled it with water which quickly ran out a small hole which had rusted through the side. I ended up just heating the water in a pot. Then last night we realized that our house phones weren't working...The main charger died sometime yesterday. Certainly not major catastrophes but annoyances. Will be out looking at replacements today.


  1. Only the ones that bother us - good things happen in threes, fives, tens and we barely pay attention to them.

    Just a matter of perspective. :-)

  2. Bummer, annoyances but expenses too. Sorry.