Friday, January 25, 2013

Bird Feeders with Oranges

Thinking this may be a fun project to do with the grandson.
 Take an orange, cut it in half and scope out the flesh.
Punch two holes, one opposite sides, about 1/2 inch down from the top. 

Put some peanut butter in a bowl and mix in bird seed.

 Thread twine (I used thin ribbon be cause I had it) through the holes.  Fill the oranges with the birdseed mixture and gather the ends of the twine or ribbon together and knot it.


 Hang from a bush or tree branch close to a window
so you can see the birds arrive for breakfast.


 However, after taking the photo of the orange bird feeders hanging on a branch of one of my azaleas, I decided to attach them to a wrought iron piece I have in my garden...just in case my visitors had fur instead of feathers. I didn't want the weight of a fuzzy friend to break the branches on the bush

And it took less than 10 minutes for the first visitor to arrive. 
I didn't see a feathered friend all day.


  1. This is a genius idea! Thank you for sharing!! I really want to do this!

  2. You might need to note natural peanut butter, Jif and the like have ingredients that could be harmful to the wildlife.

    Orange rinds - lovely idea!

  3. Such a simple idea - I will love to try this as I am an avid bird feeder. I too will probably mostly get squirrels, but they need to eat too.