Monday, February 20, 2012

Looks like its Springing...

The weather report was calling for some snow in our area...instead I had the first happy yellow jonquil pop open in the yard.

It was a wonderful weekend. Holly's sister-in-law, Heather, held a small baby shower or "Sprinkle" at her home to clothe the soon to be born Mariah in pinks and purples and other girly colors. All the ladies who attended must have had a wonderful time shopping for girly things as this child will be able to wear 4 outfits a day for a month
and never be dressed in the same thing twice.

The daughters and their hubbies were here yesterday for dinner. We also planned on sorting a box of photographs from my Mom. Photos of my great grandparents, my grandparents and my parents from years ago. It is a mish mash of pictures from the 1920's through today. My daughter Meagan is an artist and for a while worked at an art supply store and she learned about storing art and photographs properly. It is driving her crazy that my Mom's photos and our photos are sitting in various boxes. She wants every photo and negative stored properly and has supplied archival paper, bags and boxes to get all organized. The girls and I worked several hours and got just a tiny amount sorted and none of them scanned. We want to be able to get them scanned so we can share with all the family.

I was able to get this photo of my grandmother and her sister from my Aunt Ruth, my Dad's sister and had copies made for my daughters, my sister and brother.
Edna and Lillian Ostertog
around 1904
My Grandmother is Lillian.
The necklace she is wearing, was given to me as a child and I gave it to Holly to wear on her wedding day.

I am looking forward to getting all organized for a family history.
I believe you need to where you came from and want my grandchildren to know
that family story also.


  1. How fun Pat. Nothing better than a baby shower ... I know you have to be getting very excited for Mariah.

    Yes, my crocus, today's post, are up every where. Love spring ...

    Have a wonderful week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. I loved the 'sprinkle' idea.

    Family history is fascinating work. Don't be surprised though if your friends faces glaze over in boredom when you talk about your exciting finds.

    I agree with you that grandchildren need to know their roots.

  3. I loved this, and it is a great reminder for everyone to get their family pictures stored well

  4. Love the picture of your Grandmother! My brother has been working on our family tree and has been collecting old family pictures and scanning them. Sounds like a great project to complete for your grandchildren.

  5. This photo is SO precious Pat!

    That is so special about the necklace. Things like that are so priceless.

    Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week!


  6. What a lovely time you have had with your children. I loved hearing about the baby shower and your going through your mom's pictures. I can so relate to not having them in order like I should have.
    Love this one of your mom. Your going to enjoy doing this even though it is a lot of work.
    Have a wonderful weekend and I am so glad your having signs of spring already. Your jonquil is really pretty.