Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dogs Welcome

We've had a visitor for a few days...My brother's dog, Cali Lou. She and Lucy get along so well...although every photo I took of them together they were looking in different directions. This is a short the summer we had her here for over 2 weeks while John and his wife Marcia took a trip to Nova Scotia on their Harley. Can you imagine riding on a motorcycle for all those days, all those miles?

Cali is a such sweetie. She will not go up to the shop with us...I think she is afraid of the sounds of the saws and sanders. When she sleeps she is usually on her back with one of her front legs sticking up in the air and she's large. She believes she is a lap dog.

We also usually keep Holly and Chad's dachshund, Dre when they go away. As Holly is getting all her ducks in row for the birth of Mariah, one of our things to do, will be to pick up Dre when they head for the hospital. Lucy and Dre love each other...they have been family since they were puppies and are always happy to be together.

Lucy does have a problem when we leave her alone. She howls and cries when we leave home. We now hide treats around the house before we leave so she doesn't see us walk out the door. I've spoken to the vet about her "separation anxiety" and he suggested another dog.

I think we'll just let Lucy have friends over for a visit. Maybe we should open
Lucy's Doggie Bed and Breakfast.

All Guests Must Be Approved By The Dog


  1. I think I so need these signs at my house!! There are more of them than us!

  2. Lucy can come visit us anytime she needs to play. We have 7!!

    Our two new little Cockers, Vivienne and Madeline are growing like weeds and are just the sweetest things :)

    I loved seeing the pics of Lucy with her sweet furry friends!