Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Good Valentine

I seem always to be playing catch up here on this blog. I know many of you feel the way I do...that there aren't enough hours in the day for all I want to get done.

I spent my Valentine's Day with my 2 favorite fellows...the Darlin' D and his Gramps.

Dylan stayed the night here on Monday and while eating breakfast on Tuesday morning, he made Valentines for his Mommy and his Great-Grandmother.
Gramps and I took Dylan to the local mall...the one with the Disney Store so we could visit Mickey. We asked my Mom to come with us so she too
could spend the day with her favorite boy.

Several of the local malls now have indoor playgrounds, which are great for winter days. Dylan and his cousin Paul were able to play together at the one at Towsontowne several weeks ago. It was mostly grandparents with their grandbabies that day. We were able to visit with Paul's Mom Mom and Pop Pop while the boys played.

Holly had a check up on Monday and there was a chance that Mariah may have flipped to a breach position. She was sent for a 3D sonogram and below is the amazing image it produced. The baby is exactly where she should be and all we can do now is wait for her to decide she is ready to come into the world.

The tech who took the images also said that she had never seen a baby with so much hair.
Mom Mom needs to visit Etsy today to find baby headbands and bows.


  1. oh my goodness what a beautiful baby. I just love these 3-D images. Wish they had them back in my day. Dylan is a handsome little fellow. I bet you are one proud grandma!


  2. Wow....what a wonderful image. One of my girls was born with a head of thick black hair too. I was able to put ribbons in her hair as soon as I took her home. Maa