Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Early Advent Dinner and a Dylan Day

Two years ago, my friend Shar asked if I would like to go to a dinner with her, her sister and several of their friends. It was a group of women, 20 or so, gathering at the home of one of Shar's old friends. This was something I thought I didn't have the time for but because it seemed important to Shar I went. I was very glad I did. Several weeks ago when she asked if I wanted to go again I was happy for the invitation. Last night we gathered at the 100+ year old house (in the photo above) . The hostess of the pre-advent dinner, is a one time missionary, has this gathering to bring women together for a wonderful meal and conversations. She empties her living room of furniture and has several dining tables set with pretty linens, china, crystal and silver. The meal is served by teenage girls from her church. We first had cream of broccoli soup. The main dish was ham with pineapple and cherry sauce, scalloped sweet potatoes and a combination of apples, grapes and walnuts. A wonderful muffin that had little chunks of chocolate was served with the dinner. We had our choice of Earl Grey or an apple herbal tea. Wonderful little cookies were served for dessert.

Our table had 6 women, and I'm the new "friend" as Shar and her sister have know the other 3 women for many more years than they have known me. When we were seated at the table, there was a list of suggested topics we might want to talk about. Like...what is the one thing this year that made you truly thankful, what are some of your family's holiday traditions and we all spoke of Christmases when we were children and how the Christmas tree just appeared in the morning, like magic. I really don't know how my parents were able to put up the tree and assemble toys for 3 young children after we finally went to sleep on Christmas Eve.
There were two other tables with with women,
some older than the group at our table and some younger.

It was nice to take one evening to relax and talk with "girls", who like me, have grown children and grandchildren and ponder how things have changed over the years. It was rather like a bridal or baby shower without the bride or mother to be. It also is a reminder to us to take time to remember the true reason for the holiday.

Today I am at Holly's house taking care of my darlin' boy who just didn't want to take a nap although he certainly needed it. Can you tell by the look on his face that he needed to close those peepers and take a snooze? I put him in the stroller and we "strolled" up and down and all around the country roads in her neighborhood and that at least made him happier and he talked to me the whole time we were rollin'...I didn't understand a word he said and I sure hope I didn't agree to anything I shouldn't have. He did however go right in for a nap when we got back to the house. Now Mom Mom thinks she needs a nap too.


  1. Loved the story of your dinner. Sounds like a story book event. Yes, I believe Dylan needs to close those little peepers and no doubt you need to as well by the time you got him down.

  2. Sounds like a fun dinner party! Your little cherub is a cutie-pie! They grow up so fast... *sigh*

  3. Pat,

    Awww...what a face! LOL! I remember those days all too well...don't miss them although I do miss the innocence that came with those days.

    Sounds like the dinner party was lots of fun. I was wondering where you were at when I called. Thought you were slumped over asleep at the paint table! LOL!


  4. What a wonderful idea for a dinner party! Sounds like a fun evening.
    What a cute little fellow.

  5. Honey I am so glad you went to this dinner. It sounds lovely and such a great way to spend an evening.
    Love the pictures of your grandbaby. He does look like he might need a nap. lol
    I had to laugh about you hoping you did not agree to anything you should not have. lol
    The best times are spent with our babies.