Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Show Done - On to Monday

The Maryland Christmas Show in Frederick is now over for us. We signed up to participate in just the first of the two weekends. The second show, held the weekend after Thanksgiving, is always the better of the two, as folks are really beginning to get in a Christmas frame of mind after turkey. But we didn't want to miss Thanksgiving weekend
with the family so we opted to do just the one.
Looking forward to spending the whole weekend with my girls and their husbands, my Mom and her sisters and their families and my Darlin' Dylan.

While we were at the show today, Meagan and Erik took Lucy on a walk and she had a great time going for hike with her human sister and brother-in-law. She got wet and dirty and for her final trick, she got to roll in fresh horse manure while they weren't looking. I'm sure this will be a day to remember for my fuzzy little girl. She also got a bath when she returned home.

Meg put this photo up on FB...what a sweet face for such a stinky girl!


  1. LOL! I bet she stunk to high heaven! Oh my! LOL! I can't help myself! LOL!


  2. Lucy looks like she doesn't know what she did wrong.

  3. Oh she smelled... but she had such a great time! Loved running through the river and dragging me behind her, haha. She met lots of horses along the walk, and acted big and tough around them. They could have cared less.

  4. I'll bet Lucy was in "hog heaven." She's still cute as a button. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving...Balisha