Saturday, November 6, 2010

Count Down...49 Days 'Til Christmas

Every day when I check my ebay store, in the top left corner is the count down...letting me know just how quickly the holidays will be here. This of course is a busy time for everyone, but to all the crafters, creators, artists and vendors who sell their wares online and at holiday shows it is an outrageously busy time. Years ago, when my girls were in elementary school, I had customers picking up special orders 2 days before Christmas and I swore I would never do that again. I had a cut off date after that and stuck to it. At that time I was only displaying my items at little local craft shows. Now, I have shops on several internet selling venues, including
The Country Workshop Website , and am also participating in several holiday shows.
Last year I had a cut off date for orders on the internet shops for delivery in time for Christmas, but ended up having to put the shops "on vacation" because I had guests to my online stores begging to please just make one more item for them and I really do have a hard time saying no.
This really is a good thing...I have wonderful customers who really like what I am creating and want to purchase my items for gifts. However, this year I want time to put up a Christmas tree. ( I still can't believe we never got a tree up last year) so I'm going to have to choose a date for orders to be placed in time for Christmas and stick to it. The next few weeks are going to keep me scrambling!

So now the stress begins...


  1. Pat,

    Awww...dontcha love it all? And it's only the beginning of November and the online selling season! LOL!

    So did you start your Christmas shopping yet?


  2. A month or so ago we found a cherry dresser and mirror for Holly and Chad in a consignment shop, but that's the extent of our Christmas shopping,

  3. I love the Christmas season but that's because I'm not under pressure. I want you to have a good season but not so much it takes away the joy of the season.

  4. Linda,
    Last year was a mixture of joy and sadness for me. It was Dylan's first Christmas and that was exciting but the decision not to put up a tree made me really depressed. This year there will be a tree and I hope to put up a small train garden for Dylan, even if it's just the train with no houses or trees.

  5. I know how stressed you must get but isn't it nice to know how much your crafts are loved! I would think everyone would totally understand a cut-off date. Everyone needs time with their family. I so hope you get your tree up this year!