Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Never Enough Time...

Some days do you feel like a wind up toy...going in one direction...hitting the wall...going in another direction? That's me today. I came up to the shop early today to get items packaged to be shipped. Walked them to the front of the house and popped the scan sheet in the mailbox to let the mailman know that there are packages to be picked up today. Walking down the driveway, I am looking at the yard and the gardens are calling me...really need the feel of my hands in the soil but that's not going to happen today. I have orders to paint. I am writing this post as I wait for the boards to dry that I have just basecoated. They will need a second coat before I can letter them.
Also, I am working on a new website for the business. I have been loading listings for the past several days whenever I have time and that's taking longer than I would like. I just want to get it all finished in one sitting and that's not going to happen either. But eventually it will all get done. I think because it's such a beautiful day here in Baltimore that I am getting antsy.


  1. Oh, I completely understand "beautiful weather antsyness!" I'm just north of you, in York, PA, and I can't get a THING accomplished today!

    I wanted to drop by and thank you for visiting and following my blog. I really, really appreciate it! I'm glad you did, I'm following you back! Cheers!

  2. You sound like a very busy lady right now. The windup toy is a great way to describe some of my days although I had never thought of it, when I read that it made me smile. Hugs!

  3. I hear you. I want to be inside, I need to be outside, I need to be in my shop, I need to make things for my shop and for the consignment shop, I need to exercise and do all kinds of things. There is no way I can do it all....so I am on the computer instead!