Monday, April 19, 2010


My daughter Meagan and friends celebrated the upcoming wedding of their friend Amanda (the one with the garter) by going to Walt's Inn "Baltimore's Best Karaoke Bar". They even made it to Walt's Facebook FanPage. Meagan has known some of these girls from Harford Hills Elementary and all went to Loch Raven High School. The girls have scattered all over the country (one is teaching English in Japan) and several were unable to make it to this gathering. Having the internet has made it possible for all to keep in touch, while they were at various colleges and now as they continue the stories of their lives.

I really did not keep in touch with anyone I went to school with. My oldest and dearest friend I have known since we were 3, but we did not go to the same schools. During the snow storms this winter I set up a FB page (my girls told me I should do this) and have been in touch with several people I went to high school with. I know there is a reunion being planned for our 40th.
Oh my, does that make me feel old.


  1. Wow! I bet that was fun. Nice picture. Congrats to all the girls for making it to Walt's Facebook Fan Page.

    I am not in touch with any of my school friends either, we moved so often and I attended so many schools that I never had any long term friends during my school years.

    That is wonderful that you have had a dear friend since the age or 3.


  2. The Robert Palmer Girls!! Tooo cool!!

  3. Haha! They look great! I'm glad you posted this, I hadn't seen pictures yet!

  4. What a great photo! I went on FB too and have reconnected with some old friends. Kind of fun.