Thursday, March 26, 2009

Missing Friends from The Basket Accessories Roadshow

For quite a few years my husband and I participated in the Basket Accessories Roadshow which had vendors who made and sold items for Longaberger consultants and their customers. We traveled the east coast from MA to FL. As times changed, some vendors retired and there weren't so many "crazy basketladies" anymore, we slowly stopped doing the shows.
I really do miss many of the vendors who became wonderful friends and also so many of the fabulous customers.

Some of our old friends do have stores and websites...


  1. Pat,

    How nice of you to post about your crazy basket lady friends. I'll have to check out their websites when I get a chance.


  2. So nice to have the great memories of people and places though. And thank you Pat for joining me at my blog (Kat's Crafting Cottage). So happy to have you along on the ride. Kat S.

  3. What fun! I loved the post about your friends.
    XXOO Martha