Sunday, March 29, 2009

I need more room!

Just thought you might like to see where I work. Years ago my husband built a garage/shop for his woodworking business. On the first floor is his workshop with his woodworking tools, spray booth and a bathroom. Upstairs is an office on one side and on the other side is my studio. The best thing I ever did was move my operation from the house to the shop when the girls didn't need to have constant supervision anymore. My goodness...that was over 20 years ago.

Looking out my window is like sitting in a tree house. The squirrels run through the branches of the old oak trees on either side of the shop and you can hear them scrambling over the roof.

Sometimes a large hawk sits just outside my window.

I started hanging my stencils on the walls as they are easier to find. Most of the smaller ones are in folders but the longer ones get taped to the walls. Most of the wall space is covered with them and they are now going down the steps.

I really do need to go through the shelves below the table top and toss lots of stuff. I probably have painting books and magazines that are fifteen years old and I keep saving them because there might be an article or pattern I might use some day. I have glass Christmas balls still sitting in the corner needing a place to be put away until fall.

There is also a large drying rack with shelves out of view in the room. Downstairs my husband built a wall of shelves for the finished products. I would love to have more room in my studio but I guess for now I need to live with organized clutter.


  1. Pat,

    Your studio looks organized to should see mine! I'd have to clean it up first though!
    Hey, I can see your floor...wish I could say that.


  2. This studio looks like pure creativity! I love reorganizing my stuff and then I like to get busy and mess it up again. What FUN!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and signing as a follower! So nice to meet you!