Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy Birthday Elsie...

Yesterday was my Grandmother Elsie's 107th birthday. 
She was born in Baltimore, Maryland
 January 7, 1910.

I have been working on my family's history,
gathering facts,  scanning photographs
and need to start writing out family stories. 

Married in 1928 to John, the love of her life,
they had 3 daughters. 
My mother Betty was born in December of 1928.
  Second daughter Joan arrived in July of 1939
and Donna was born in April of 1949.  

My parents were already married
when Donna was born so Donna and I
were raised more like sisters than aunt and niece. 
She spent many weekends at my parents home
and I was at my grandparents house often. 
Because of this, I had a unique relationship
with my maternal grandparents.

Betty, Elsie, Joan and Donna
Mom Mom made my wedding dress
of white cotton dotted swiss, very hippie 1970's. 
After my daughters were born,
and I was a stay at home Mom,
 she called me almost everyday.
Blessed that my girls actually knew their
Great Grandmother.

Because my Grandmother, I knew what
kind of grandmother I wanted to be.

Elsie and John had
3 children
9 grandchildren
12 great grandchildren
and 4 great great grandchildren. 

We lost my Grandmother in 1989. 
I still miss her everyday.

Happy, Happy Birthday Mom Mom! 


  1. Such lovely memories you have Pat!

  2. How fortunate you were to have your grandmother in your life. I never had that but I try to be as involved as possible with my own grandchildren. They give me such joy.

  3. Lovely tribute, Pat! She really spaced her children apart. Happy New Year, btw!

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