Sunday, May 21, 2017

Always playing catch up...

  and that's a good thing.  

Our lives are so full and a little bit crazy. 
But full of love and family.

Lou and I spent Mother's Day with my Mom
and three of her great grandlttles,
three of her grandchildren
(our daughter, niece and nephew)
and my sister and her husband.
Unfortunately our Dumplin' wasn't there.
He and our daughter and son-by-love
all had some kinda bug.

Weekends of grandlittle soccer games...

and Dumplin' Mondays...

We are blessed...


  1. You surely are, Pat! Don't you wish you could move like the grandlittles? You have such a lovely family!

  2. How wonderful for your mom to be surrounded by her great grandchildren.

    1. We are blessed to still have my Mom. I am so glad see gets to see the children. She is 88 and going strong.

  3. Awwwww, precious.

    but sorry for the sick ones. -pout- -sigh-

    And your mom is looking great! 88 and still going strong! That makes me, at 80, feel happy. Give my love, to her.

    Luna Crone

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