Thursday, September 15, 2016

Here a Chick... There a Chick

Seems everywhere you look,
chickens are coming home to roost
in the backyards of homes,
not just on the farm.
Folks are enjoying those fresh eggs.

While we can't raise chickens in our yard,
(in Baltimore County one needs
an acre to have chickens)
we can make some Coop Decor.

Below is the first of several new
chicken signs.


  1. Cute. I want chickens, but hubby says, no. He doesn't want thinks that tie us down . . . like we are world travelers or something, LOL. We never go anywhere :) The thoughts of fresh eggs and a rooster crowing in the morning are sweet.

  2. Cute sign. I do adore chickens and wish I could handle the care and feeding of them now. DH doesn't want any. He figures he would end up taking care of them on my bad days. Sigh ...