Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lilies and Coffee

We're having some rain today. 
If it clears a bit this afternoon
I'm hoping to get these lilies planted. 
My daughter separated these in her garden
and I got the extras. 
Now just need to find the right spot
and dig the hole.
When I receive plants from other
gardeners and plant them
in my garden, I feel
like I'm creating memories.

What is your favorite coffee? 
I try different kinds
but always seem to come back to
Dunkin' Donuts Coffee.


  1. I'd drink hot chocolate with my donuts.
    Pretty flowers!

  2. Day lilies are one of my favorite garden plants. Love them in all colors. Coffee, not so much.

  3. Usually Folgers at the house and that is okay, but I must have my flavored creamer.