Monday, February 8, 2016

The Art of Cupcake Eating...

My darling great-niece Raegan turned two this weekend.
She's growing up so fast.
Most of the cousins attended the Elsa themed party.
(2 missed it due to sniffles and a fever)

The children all had a wonderful time.


 But I truly enjoyed the way the each
of the darlings devoured their cupcakes.

The Birthday Girl dove right in...

Granddaughter Riah stated out rather daintily

but finished up with icing all over her face.


Big Brother to the Birthday Girl, Braden,
just stuffed the whole chocolate cupcake
into his mouth, icing first of course.

Darling D carefully scooped off the
marshmallow icing with sprinkles, 
two finger fulls at a time before finishing the cake.

Sweet niece Cali, the oldest of the cousins,
enjoyed her cupcake like a lady
with very little mess and very few crumbs.

And the newest cousin, our Little Dumplin',
wasn't able to partake of cake,
but next year, he'll be ready to dive in.


  1. You have such darling children in your family! They all seem to have their own method of eating cupcakes. How did the floor make out?

    1. Noticed you changed your header - this one doesn't give me the chills, ha ha.

    2. Covered in crumbs, glad the party wasn't at my house.

  2. Your little dumpling doesn't need a cupcake from the looks of those fat little cheeks. Such fun to see these pictures. My smile for the day.

  3. What a beautiful bouquet of children in your family! Very cute they are enjoying birthday cupcakes.