Friday, February 12, 2016

Pick a Number...


 With so many folks decorating their homes
by adding collections to a wall,
we have designed new, framed number
 signs to hang on that "gallery wall"
or tuck on a shelf. 

Choose a number that represents
the members in your family,
your lucky number, or a number that has
special meaning to you.  

Three sizes available
9x9 inches
13x13 inches
25x25 inches
Signs are white over gray, sanded and number
of your choice can be painted
black, gray or tan.
Numbers are sanded for a worn, vintage look.
Frames are stained a gray/brown and sanded.

I pick Number we are Grandparents
to three wonderful Grandlittles.

What's your number?


  1. I can see that I need some shelves - somewhere. I don't really have a favorite number - am I odd. (No, wait, don't answer that!)

  2. I always think in 3s, 5s, 7s and 9s because that is how I like to plant my gardens and place my pictures.