Monday, September 28, 2015

Waiting for the Eclipse....

 I sat in a chair in the backyard,
wrapped up in an old sweatshirt waiting to see
if the moon would show through the clouds.

The clouds rolled away at times

  and I was able to get these few shots

of the eclipse as it progressed.
Unfortunately, as the moon turned to "blood"
the clouds rolled back in and
covered the eclipse.
I was only able to catch glimpses
of this amazing sight.

Friday, September 25, 2015

It's Howdy Doody Time...Again

 Baby shower time for my daughter, Meagan,
who is expecting a baby boy the
beginning of November.
A special gift made by her Great Grandmother. 
A crib cover and pillow case made and
embroidered with Howdy Doody and friends
that was made for me, before I was born,
will now be used by a new grandbaby.

  All the nieces and nephews helped
opening the presents...

Family and friends gathered to shower
the Mommy to be  with lots of goodies
for the baby boy.

And my other two grandbabies 
helped with the after shower clean up. 
They gathered up the baby blue balloons.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Always Be Aware of What's Creeping Up Behind You!

Halloween is just around the corner...

 The time of Ghosties and Ghoulies and
Things that Go Bump in the Night...

 Our Halloween Creeping Up Behind You Sign
is on Sale this week until Saturday at Midnight.

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Spooky Halloween Warning
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Sunday, September 6, 2015


Fall is coming
to my neighborhood.
Teeny, tiny acorns are
falling from the big oak tree
in the backyard.
Every time I walk from
the house to the Workshop
I need to pry them out
of my flip flops.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Last Daisy of 2015

The very last of my daisies this summer. 
I am sad that the summer is ending. 
Although I love autumn with the cooler temps
and glorious colors,
I simply am not a winter person. 
I keep hearing we are probably in for
another colder than normal winter
with more than normal snow fall
here in the east. 

Thanks Ladies for your comments about
the new computer and Windows 10.
Good to know I'm not alone.
Lori, your story of losing your
photos is a fear I always have in
the back of my mind.
I have mine on the laptop
and the desktop and on an external
hard drive as back up.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Screaming and Throwing Things...

I was excited to get a new computer
for the Workshop. 
We were afraid the old one was
nearing death and certainly
couldn't take the chance that the end
would come during our
busiest time before the holidays.
 During the last week, Lou has been transferring
information from the old to the new.
I heard him muttering to himself...alot.

The router in the shop , which worked before it
was unplugged, didn't work when
it was plugged back in. New router purchased 

but the signal was so much stronger 
than the old one that it kept 
knocking me off the laptop in the house
because the laptop couldn't decide
which router it wanted to use,
the one in the house or the one in the shop.

 Many of the programs
we had were as old as the "old" machine and
will not work with Windows 10.


It is now set up, to be used.
But every time I go to do something,
there always seems to be a problem...
the printer won't print or I can't
access my emails. I can't find the fonts
I want to use in some new sign designs.
And everything looks different.
Everyday is a new experience
in frustration.
I, however, am not as calm as my husband.
I don't mutter softly under my breath.
If you happen hear something that
sounds like screaming or the
stomping of feet and aren't quite
sure where it's coming from...
It's probably me.