Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Reisterstown Blooming Arts Festival...

We don't set up our display for many shows anymore
(because we're gettin' old),
but decided to participate in a local show on Saturday. 
We've done the Reisterstown Blooming Art Festival,
before but not for several years. 

Our booth was below some beautiful pink flowering trees
so we had a carpet of blossoms under us.

Our daughter and the grandchildren live just up the road
from the festival and they came by for a visit.
This is a wonderful community fair...
The Kiwanis Club had a children's play area set up for the kids.
They also had table  for the kids to color an insert for a flower pot,
which they provided, and then the children got to go to
the Glyndon Nursery booth to pick out a plant for the pot for their
Mom for Mother's Day

The Oriole Bird stopped by to say Hello!

Local high school kids had a facing paint booth,
and the grandlittles became a butterfly and a spiderman

There was wonderful musical entertainment all day long...

Thanks to the  Reisterstown Recreation Council and  Reisterstown Improvement Association who did so much work
to make this a successful event!



  1. Looked like a beautiful day for a festival. I love your signs:)

  2. Love the signs!

    ...and the band! :)

  3. I love those signs. We used to live near Annapolis and I miss it!

  4. Looks like a fun day! Your signs are a hoot! Someday I MUST buy one! Soon!