Sunday, September 21, 2014

Good Morning Sunshine...

 Two years ago, while talking with my dear friend Bonnie,
she mentioned that as she had been driving to see a friend
who lives in Bel Air, MD several weeks earlier,
and she passed by gorgeous  fields of sunflowers. 

I did make the trip, about half an hour from home,
to see these fields of gold, but the flowers had passed their peak
by the time she and I had that conversation.  

Last September, Lou and I made the trip to Baldwin to see
the sunflowers, but the fields were filled with corn.
I was very disappointed.
On Monday, I started seeing friends on FB
posting photos of fields filled with sunflowers. 
Justin Berk, a local meteorologist, has been posting photos
everyday from followers of his page.

 One beautiful, clear morning last week, Lou and I hopped in the car
and took a ride to see this truly amazing sight,  planted by
Clear Meadow Farm
at Jarrettsville Pike and Hess Road in Harford County.
The fields are filled with sunflowers for as far as the eye can see.
200 acres of them.

There were quite a few people taking photographs that morning...
some with phones, some with  cameras
and all enjoying the beauty of the day and the flowers.
In the early evening that same day, my daughter Meagan went to take
some pictures and said that there were  possibly a hundred people there. 
I was so very glad to see visitors being respectful
of the land and plants.
Sunflowers are a cash crop for the farm and
this bit of beauty is being shared with us.

The Country Workshop


  1. Beautiful field of sunflowers. Great shots. I wished I had planted a few seeds for God to tend, last spring. Sigh...

  2. What a beautiful field of sunflowers! I think they bring happiness to people :)

  3. I love them too. I have also stalked them a little bit. Not this horrid year. These pics are like drops of sunshine on my rainy week, Olive