Saturday, September 20, 2014

Catchin' Up...

 Every day for the last week and a half,  I've been wanting to do a blog post.
But in the morning I'm running up to the shop
to paint orders or to work on new designs. 
In the evening, after dinner I'm just too tired to think.
Any post done then would be like
blah blah blah...blah blah...blah blah blah blah.  
We have had a mouse in the house (probably more than one)
...and none of them are named Mickey. 
Found some little shredded piles in the family room and mouse droppings. 
Had Lou set out some traps but the stinking thing would clean the peanut butter
off the trap without setting it off.  3 different types of traps.  
We finally put out poison, which I hate to do because of the dog. 
 She had to be closed in certain areas with baby gates  
Stopped finding little mouse gifts  in the family room but discovered them
under the kitchen sink and on the bathroom floor.
I have become the poop spotter.
This also made me a crazy lady. 
Every piece of furniture that is against a wall got pulled out and
vacuumed under and behind in case they were nesting where I couldn't see. 
Haven't seen any sign of the varmints for a couple of days but every morning
I'm still running around doing the poop searching boogie!
I am putting cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil anywhere
I think they might be getting in and hope, as the weather gets colder,
it will keep the critters from coming in. 

On a happier note, our darlin' grandson has started kindergarten and he loves it.
 Lou and I drove out to see him get on the bus his first day.

 Walking to the bus stop with his Mom, Dad and sister.

He has a cool turtle backpack.
I can't believe our first grandbaby is going to school.

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