Friday, March 14, 2014

Who has the Cupcake?

 The family celebrated 12 birthdays last weekend and had a "sprinkle" for my niece who is expecting the next new addition.  He will be here in early April.

Some beautiful and tasty cupcakes for the celebration of both
the pending arrival of the"Little Prince" and the Birthdays were of
great interest to the grandchildren and nieces and nephews.

 But the most intrigued was my darling Riah who sat
patiently waiting for the moment she could take a bite.

  She was the first one at the table...

 All smiles at first...

 waiting, waiting...

  Sneaking a taste...

Waiting a bit longer...

The singing of Happy Birthday...

and finally success!


  1. She is looking so cute

  2. I imagine the waiting seemed endless for her. Such a doll!