Friday, September 20, 2013

Vintage Christmas Lovelies...

I found these lovely vintage Russian glass pinecone ornaments on Etsy.

Love the colors...although it took two orders to get this variety of hues.
I did actually read the listing which stated that color quantity may vary.

I received 2 gold, 2 light green and 1 purple but
I wanted some of the more vibrant colors.
I purchased a second box and received 2 pink, 2 purple and 1 turquoise.

 I believe they're hand painted and from the 60's.

New old ornaments for my Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas to Me a bit early...


  1. I love those, Pat. Could they be from the late 50's? I remember having something similar to that on our tree and am pretty sure it was in the 50's. LOVE them. xo Diana

  2. love love vintage Christmas ornaments and yours are beautiful! wont be long and you will be hanging them!