Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Enchanted Forest and Elioak Farm

 Took the munchkins to Elioak Farm in Clarksville on Friday. There are attractions from Enchanted Forest that have been restored.

The Enchanted Forest was a park that had attractions based on fairytales and children's stories.  My grandparents took me there as a child and I took my daughters when they were young.  Unfortunately it closed and the attractions fell into disrepair. 
With the help of  many volunteers, the folks at Clark's Elioak  Farm have recreated many of the original attractions.

 There are also picnic areas, playgrounds and a petting zoo.


The grandchildren, Gramps and Mom Mom had a wonderful day together.

The old folks slept well that night.


  1. What a wonderful place to enjoy with the children! I bet you did sleep well, that night!

  2. What a sweet place and what fun! I be the "old folks" did sleep well that night!

    Did you know, Pat, that when you leave a reply on my blog that you come through as a No Reply? No one can respond to your comments you leave on their blogs- Didn't know if you were aware of it- xoDiana

  3. a very sweet place a place very much like story land my daughter takes B to.