Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Love Mickeys

 Found these cute Mickey Mouse shirts on for the grandkids.  Love that website as I find great items for the children and sometimes for myself.  

However I ordered canvas shoes for the children...spiderman for Dylan and hearts for Riah.  The spidy shoes are size 9 toddler...the heart shoes are supposed to be 4 toddler and are marked as 4T.  Someone made a boo boo.  Zulily is always quick to take care of a problem and will credit me I'm sure.

Appears this may be the last day of our upper 90 degree been a scorcher week.  Summer in Maryland. We did have a storm roll through last night and the temps dropped into the mid 70's.  However a bit south of us, in areas that didn't get that rain,
it was still 88 degrees at 11pm.

Hoping you all are keeping cool and have a wonderful weekend.

1 comment:

  1. Cute shirts. Buying shoes on the net can be iffy. ;-)
    Still hot and uncomfortable here, it is, after all, the middle of July. I could use a cool down, but I don't expect one for quite some time.